Twitter API with JavaScript

Let’s say we have an account on Twitter where we share a quote every day. In addition, let’s imagine that we save the tweets about this account to a file on our computer every day.

So what might it resemble in the event that we did every one of these activities (tweeting, looking for tweets each day) totally consequently. Is it conceivable?

It is conceivable with Twitter’s API. Twitter offers an API that incorporates the highlights it gives on the site and significantly more.Shall we create in matter? Come on then.

Producing Twitter OAuth Token And Creating App

In the subsequent steps, i will be able to walk you thru what’s required to get a Twitter OAuth bearer token. This token solely must be generated once since it may be reused throughout your application while not expiring.

Step 1-) First, we create a new application by going to developer twitter page

Step 2-) After creating our application, we click on the “Keys and Access Tokens” tab to learn the key information of the application name of the application that we will use when accessing the API. (Consumer Key (API Key) and Consumer Secret (API Secret))

Step 3-) After obtaining this information, we need to authorize the access of this API on the accounts we will tweet. For this, in order to be able to experiment on our own Twitter account, we are producing the Access Token that gives the necessary permission to the application you create for our account.

Step 4-) After the creation process, we learn the Access Token and Access Token Secret values of our account that allows the application we created. In addition, when we go to the application address of twitter, we see that our application is allowed.

Step 5-) Now that we have created our application, we can switch to javascript codes. If you want to reach the codes, you can send an e-mail.

Last Words

Enjoy the simplicity of making use of the twitter public seek API with out the need to put in a npm package!




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